Urvi Ajay Ayushmati

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Character Name: Urvi Ajay Ayushmati

Clan: Gangrel (Status 3 - Pending 4)

Location: Washington, D.C. (Sherriff)

Faction: Guardians


? - 1850 Unknown except to certain characters in the Far East

1850-1890 Travelling the American West.

1890 Trip with Nick Ebon and Xavier to Genghis Khan's Tomb

1900-1960 Unknown

1960-Present Washington, where she was originally sent to guard Lady Vivien as Prince.

Character Description

Urvi has been known as a bodyguard to Respected and Admired of the Crones for centuries. She has also been a de facto "Warlord" for the Crone during that time. Almost always 'on the spot' when Acolytes have needed defense, rescue or to be avenged.

She was the former student, and lover, of Victoria Pennington (an elder Crone destroyed by Cade) in the late 1500s and early 1600s.

She is known to have lead the call, and a majority of the forces, to rescue Lady V from Cade. (Regardless of what Aimnestos says about his "Scorched Earth" tactic.)

A known follower of Kali, she occasionally will wear clothing of Indian origin that allows free movement for formal occasions. She has, over the years, been adopting a more and more modern style of dress and manner, with a particularly western flare. Speculation may exist that age and leaking memories are forcing her to hold on to modern humanity more and more in an effort to stay sane and control the Beast.

She is the known Matriarch of a bloodline of warriors whose natural prey are diablerists, Demons, and those things that upset the 'natural' order of balance between the divine forces.

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